Welcome MESAICOS, fieldhockey Stockholm is a lifestyle! 

Our vision

We are Solna Landhockeyförening Mens Sana In Corpore Sano, or simply MESAICOS! We are a new fieldhockeyclub in Sweden, with the focus on students and families but above all FIELDhockey!

Mens Sana In Corpore Sano, a healthy spirit in a healthy body. The latin name links its roots to students and resembles a life style. We want everybody to be able to play the world’s third biggest teamsport and combine sporting with life style. Playing fieldhockey at MESAICOS is not only playing fieldhockey but is a part of life where friends, family and students come together to share a social and sport activity with each other. Together with the other hockeyclubs in Stockholm, Nacka and Roslagen we are going to create the future of field hockey Sweden!

The club

We are uniquely located close to the center of Stockholm: in Solna. Our club is officially registered at the Swedish Hockey federation (SLHF) and aims together with other hockeyclubs in Sweden to achieve the goals of ”vision 2020″ ! We are officially registered as sportsclub at Solna Stad and you can find us in the club register: https://solna.interbook.se/. MESAICOS aims for the first hockeyfield in Stockholm and develop fieldhockey Stockholm at the top of fieldhockey Sweden. We aim for close collaboration with surrounding hockeyclubs Nacka and Roslagen to achieve this goal.

Our club is a so called ”förening” which means that all members have a vote during membermeetings of our hockeyclub!

Our club offers 4 types of fieldhockey:
– student-hockey/ trim hockey (both Autumn and Summer season)
– senior-hockey (during Summer season)
– youth-hockey (both Autumn and Summer season)

More information

More information can be found on our website under the specific header! Or write us an email! Contact details are on our contact page.