Club Duties

Our hockey club MESAICOS is made by our members for our members. That means that all members are expected to contribute to the club with regards to their premises. Part of our philosophy as a club is, that we can create the best hockey experience if we are working together as a team.

Everyone has his own interests and skills, and tasks which might be tough and time-consuming for one person can actually be quite fun for another. Therefore every Member is asked to either pick a duty from our list or suggest something on his own how he or she thinks they can contribute to the club.

The idea is to create pools of members that can help out for certain occasions, such as youth training, refereeing at matches or representing the club at certain events. This shall not end in a huge workload for a single member and the duties will be seen as done, as long as the member is showing a sincere will and interest in helping out.

The following duties are available. Special rules apply for new members and members can choose to skip a duty and pay the mentioned fee instead.

If you have been a Member for longer than a year, we expect you to pick a duty, otherwise, the Board will remind you to do so.

New Member

New Members do not have to pick a duty for the first year. Still, they are encouraged to do so in case they want to help out or enjoy certain tasks that much that they want to do it on a voluntary basis.

Youth Member

As a youth member, it is not expected to pick a duty for the club. Nevertheless, are parents of the youth players encouraged to help in the club in order to support youth activities. This could be organizing of activities, planning training schedules baking cakes for events or helping out in the cafeteria when MESAICOS is hosting events.
If some parents would like to help out with for instance refereeing or other tasks they are welcome to contact the crew in regards to that.

Board Member

Being a board member is probably one of the most active roles in the clubs and board members are expected to help out if a helping hand is needed. Therefore board members are not assigned to specific duties.
It is not for a member to pick themselves if they want to be a board member. In order to be a board member, a member has to be elected by the general assembly.


Valberedning is a member who is not a part of the board. Valberedning is probably best translated to the nominating committee. As part of the nominating committee, you are expected to suggest new candidates for the board at the next general assembly.  For that task, it is recommended to have a good network within MESAICOS. A member has to be elected by the general assembly to be part of the valberedning in order to take this position.


The revisor has to check the financial overview of the club for the past year prior to the general assembly. After that, the revisor has to approve the finances of the club for the past year in short a report. A general understanding of accounting is beneficial for that task. A member has to be elected by the general assembly to be the revisor in order to take this position.

Committee Member

Many tasks in MESAICOS are organized through committees.
At the moment MESAICOS has the following committees

  • Youth Committee
  • Activity Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Recruitment and PR Committee
  • Material Committee
  • Training/LOK Committee
  • Veteran Committee
  • Senior-/ Trim Committee
  • IT Committee

The main emphasis on the committee is that you are in charge of planning and organizing the tasks and events related to your committee. It does not necessarily mean you have to do all the work. There are many small and fun tasks such as ordering shirts for the member or organizing our monthly social. In case you want to know more about the committees, please contact one of the crew members and we will tell you more about how a committee membership could look like.


One of the main activities of the hockey club is playing matches. There are a wide variety of matches from official matches in the Swedish league, through youth matches, friendly matches, training matches or matches in cups both outdoors and indoors. And of course, these matches need referees as well. Therefore we want to build a pool of potential referees, that would mean the question to ref a match will go out first to that group and you should at least accept to ref 2 or 3 matches per year. If you feel you do not have the qualification to ref, you can start with inofficial matches, practice during training and we will try to send you to courses to pick up the basics.


The youth coaching is mainly handled by our main coaches for the youth section. But our coaches are not available every weekend we are giving training. So for the youth coaching, we want to build a pool of people that can help out when the main coaches are not available. Being in this pool will mean that you help out at 1-2 training sessions per season. And who knows, you might discover that you will like it that much, that you want to become a full youth-coach in the future.
In case you are the main coach, this counts as your club duty as well.


Great teams need great leaders. The current situation for field hockey in Sweden is, that most teams rely on a member of the team to step up and coach the team during training and matches. If you enjoy coaching or have the ambitions to become a better coach, all of our senior teams appreciate the effort people are willing to put.
It can start with little steps to make sure all the materials are available or training attendance is managed and goes all the way up to being the head coach for one of our senior teams. The number of coaches per team is limited to a maximum number of 3.

Organizing Events

There are some events during the year where MESAICOS presents itself as a club to its own members and other potential hockey players. Historically we had the Strategy Day, Season Kick offs, Idrottsdagen I Hagapraken, Olympic Weeks and some other events. These need to be organized by our members. So if you would like to contribute to that or maybe even take the lead in organizing one of these events, this could be the duty for you.

Event Representation

On some occasions, MESAICOS has to be represented on events and meetings. These events are often hosted by Solna Komun, the Swedish hockey federation or other sports-related administrative bodies.
So if you would like to meet other people, show how great field hockey as a sport of MESAICOS as a club is, we can recommend you to pick event representation as a duty.

Cleaning Clubhouse

On at least biannually basis, we have to clean the storage rooms we have for our club material. That means at the moment that you have to count sticks and balls, check that all material is in good shape and recycle material that can not be used anymore. Then it is very handy during the season if everything has its own place assigned and materials that are needed can be found. With this duty, you are in charge of managing that and you commit to at least one day per season where we organize the cleaning and organizing of the club storages.

Skip a Duty Fee

If you are already from the beginning aware of the fact that you will not have the time to contribute to the club with more than coming to practices or games, you can choose to skip a duty and just pay a small fee instead.
This fee applies for all members that have been a member for the club for more than one year and do not pick a duty. We as the board will remind you to pick a duty if that would be necessary. The fee will be billed in the coming year in the billing period in spring.
The same fee applies for members signing up for a fee but not contributing to the duties. In special cases, exceptions can be made by the board. In that case please approach the board for a discussion.