A young club, a great history

Three years ago we started a great adventure, not only regarding our working lifes, but also regarding sportive live: we started MESAICOS, a field hockey club in Solna with the focus on students and families. What followed was a nice history with many great achievements, new friends, learn full moments and above all a lot of FIELD-hockey. That all in a country where ice-hockey and uni-hockey play a much bigger role in society. Now five years later we are looking back on that history and we do that together with you!



The idea






The idea was born during the development conference of 2014, organized by the Swedish field-hockey federation SLHF. Nils and Maarten wanted to start a club were the core values were going to be, field-hockey to bring together people for making new friends and playing a team sport. The emphasis should lay on outdoor hockey and hockey as a great social activity instead of playing competition. The club was founded in July 2014 and the first sessions that were organized were so called “Student-Hockey” sessions. A simple get-together where enthusiastic participants play a field hockey match on half a field. Members were recruited mainly via via and by use of Facebook.  In the months that followed after setting up the club, recruiting events were organized at for example hagaparken idrottensdag. Equipped with just a couple of hockey-sticks, some hockey-balls and cones we showed hockey to many children in the central park of Stockholm. During this day we came across Ingrid a parent of three children who played hockey with a group of Dutch expats in Stocksund. MESAICOS contacted them and set up a cooperation to integrate this hockey group into the club: by the start of 2015 the MESAICOS Youth section was born.

The logo






The logo of MESAICOS shows a heart, two hockeysticks and of course the name MESAICOS. MESAICOS stands for MEns SAna In COrpore Sano. The latin name links the roots of the hockey club to it’s student character. It stands for “a sounds mind in a sound body”, or also “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. That means that playing at MESAICOS is not just playing hockey, it is part of feeling good and being in a good physical health: a life style. The heart symbolizes both the sound feeling as well as the healthy body. The logo was designed with the help of logohuis.

The first tournament






The first tournament where MESAICOS participated was in Åkerberga. The club contributed to the tournament with one team that consisted of some of it’s own members and hockey players who were borrowed from a German club called Darmstadt. The first ever official match was won by 2-0, a sign for a great future? The year after the club was represented with official clothing that is up until today exclusively delivered by our clothing partner Stag Hockey.

Field-Hockey until end of November






In November 2014 MESAICOS proven that hockey in Sweden can be played almost all year long. While all other Swedish field-hockey clubs started with their indoor competition already in September,  MESAICOS kept on playing outdoors until the 25th of November that year! Thereby being the only club to play FIELD-hockey the longest time in a year and with success. A great team was formed to shape the future of the club. A future which started by setting goals and a vision. A vision in which the core values of a social character and a club for family and friends and above all FIELD-hockey were represented.

Shaping the board- committee structure






With the set goals, a club structure had to be determined and the involved persons from the student-hockey group were asked to take a little task upon themselves. This is how the committee and board structure started beginning of 2016. Later on it has been developed to a well functioning club with different board members and committees that all together shape the club. Committees like the youth-, veteran-, membership- and activity- committee are necessary to let the club function in a proper way and make all forms of hockey possible that are currently given at the club (being senior-, veteran-, youth-, trim- and indoor-hockey).

The first mile stone






The first mile stone of the club was achieved in January 2016, where the club got two new hockey goals. This gave MESAICOS the opportunity to organize matches and tournaments at their home base in Bergshamra. The first ever tournament weekend that was organized was the MESAICOS kick-off. A tournament day where MESAICOS invited Nacka and Roslagen to come play against our teams. A great succes although the weather wasn’t that good.

Stabilizing and professionalizing






From that moment on the club grew fast, new committees were set up like the material committee and the PR- and recruitment committee as well as new training times for both the mens and the womens team. By the summer of 2016 the growth was mainly focused on stabilizing all parts of the club and writing down all structures on paper, in order to let the future generation of MESAICOS know how be part of the MESAICOS team. All that has led to a “MESAICOS” script in which the club structure is clearly presented as well as a code of conduct (or also likhetsbehandlingsplan) to let everybody be able to play at our club no matter their gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or belief, disabilities or invalidity, sexual orientation or age.

Up to the 100!






In 2017, later the club set new goals. MESAICOS aimed to grow out to a 100 members by the end of 2017. An ambitious goal which had to be achieved by taking several measures. First of all the club restructured it’s youth division. The part of the club that was least developed ever since it started in January 2015. Together with a new Youth-committee under the lead of Ariadne and cooperation with the local community it will tried to set up new training times and recruit new youth players. The growth of the Youth section aimed to make field-hockey in Stockholm bigger and more professional. New clubs like HULK in Uppsala as well as the formation of an official local district competition attracted many more players to start playing hockey not only at MESAICOS, but everywhere within the Stockholm district. Besides the reshaping the youth section, MESAICOS developed strongly on the side of veterans. By setting up a new veterans team, the club is recruited both new players and a leaders that could take part in the organisation. Finally the club continued it’s professional partnerships with Stag Hockey to support the future growth of the club. By the end of 2017 MESAICOS had grew out to 117 members!

Champions since 2018






In 2018 MESAICOS became champions: Swedish national field-hockey champions at the women’s side! The ladies team (D1) defeated Nacka and Valhalla in the fight for the championship on the 15th and the 16th of September 2018. The season 2018 thereby gave a great boost for the future developments of the club and active participation of members of MESAICOS in the board of the national Swedish Field-Hockey Association (SLHF).

2019: 5 years MESAICOS

In 2019 MESAICOS exists 5 years and that does not get passed without noticing. A tournament and an anniversary party make the celebration of 5 years of field hockey progress in Sweden complete.

Flyer 5 years Mesaicos


The future of Field-Hockey Sweden!






All together the developments aim to create the future of field-hockey Sweden. Something MESAICOS is very proud of and will strive to achieve together with all other clubs in the region. Dreaming again of an olympic Swedish hockey team. Unrealistic? Ambitious? We think it perfectly fits in what MESAICOS stands for.