Match Schedule 5 year anniversary tournament

Games start on Saturday


Here follows the match schedule for the5 year anniversary tournament including the duty schedule. 

The games will be 2x 15 minutes. Have fun and goodluck everybody!


Time start Match Match Secretary Umpire from Food
10:00 Untouchaballs- Boomshakanacka Flick Goaldiggers Alif
10:45 Goaldiggers- HC Praga (Seriously Vintage) Frank Untouchaballs Ghulam
11:30 Helsinki Warriors- Untouchaballs Lars HC Praga Simon
12:15 Goaldiggers- Boomshakanacka Maarten Helsinki Warriors Cian
13:00 HC Praga (Seriously Vintage)- Helsinki Warriors Charlotte Boomshakanacka Aimee
13:45 Goaldiggers- Untouchaballs TBD Boomshakanacka TBD
14:30 Boomshakanacka- HC Praga (Seriously Vintage) Cian Goaldiggers Maarten
15:15 Goaldiggers- Helsinki Warrios Ghulam Untouchaballs Frank
16:00 Untouchaballs- HC Praga (Seriously Vintage) Simon Helsinki Warriors Lars
16:45 Boomshakanacka- Helsinki Warriors  Alif HC Praga Flick



Time Match Match Secretary Umpire from Food
11:00 1 vs 3      
11:45 4 vs 5      
12:30 2 vs 4      
13:15 1 vs 2      
14:00 5 vs 3