Fees for Membership and Activities


Annual Membership fee adults (born in 2002 or earlier): 200 SEK

Annual Membership fee youth(born in 2003 or later): 50 SEK


Outdoor Trim  (March -November): 700 SEK

Outdoor Senior Team (March – October): 850 SEK

Indoor Senior Team (October – March): 700 SEK

Indoor Trim  (November- February): 400 SEK

Student Fees

Semester Membership: 800 SEK

Rent Hockey Stick: 200 SEK/semester


Rent outdoor stick: 200 SEK/season (March – November)

Rent indoor stick: 200 SEK/season (October – March)

A MESAICOS kit is provided by the club for matches includes: 1xMatch Shirt and 1xMatch Shorts/Skirt(March – November) / (October – March)
Socks can be bought from the club: 125 SEK

Administrative Fees

Invoicing fee: 20 SEK

Late fee per reminder (fine): 50 SEK

Change of membership status after invoicing: 200 SEK

Do you have any questions, please contact us via social media or look for our contact details on the contact page!

Paying the invoice via our partner Billogram

All bills for membership and activity fees, as well as clothing items, will be sent via our Billogram billing system.

If you have a Swedish account and a Swedish Bank ID then you should be able to transfer money via Bankgirot with the number indicated on your Billogram bill. The payment will then be automatically registered. 

If you don’t have access to Bankgirot (which is the case with some basic Swedish bank accounts, or if you don’t have a Bank ID) you can transfer money via bank transfer into the MESAICOS account. The account is with Swedbank, account number 8327-9, 933 284 860-6. Please mark the transaction with your name.

If you don’t have a Swedish bank account you can pay via international transfer into the MESAICOS account. International transfers from the Euro area should come at no cost if you choose the SEPA-transfer-option. Please mark the transaction with your name.

The international banking account number is

SE02 8000 0832 7993 3284 8606 (IBAN)



If you don’t pay by Bankgirot, but by Swedish or international bank transfer, then you have to notify MESAICOS! These payments are not automatically registered in the Billogram system, and without notification, your bill will show up as unpaid even if you have transferred the funds. This could lead to an unwanted penalty fee for not paying the bill. Notification should go to the administration committee, so we can mark your bill as paid.