New Membership System

Sign up today!


Dear MESAICOS Members. We have listened to your feedback about our sign-up system and improved our system based on that. Hereby we would like to inform you that we are now releasing the new membership system and membership sign-up form.

The new sign-up form can be found on and we ask all members to sign up for the club, the current and the coming activities.

The new membership system has improved information about your membership, the billing cycles, duties, how to resign from MESAICOS. This gives you as a Member a better insight in the membership conditions and is another step towards more professionalism in our administration.

Therefore, please sign up to confirm your status as permanent member of MESAICOS and book your activities for the current year. The system is valid from 12th of March 2019.  All signups done before that date have to repeated, we are sorry for the inconvenience.  

Any feedback on the system is appreciated, so please contact the crew with any questions, feedback or criticism.