Östra district match day!

Will the Swedish champions of 2018 prolong their success story?!


Finally the time is there: the first round of the Swedish field-hockey competition, district east! This Sunday (June 16), MESAICOS is hosting the games of the Swedish field-hockey competition and we invite you for a great day full of hockey.


Field-hockey matches of the only true 11- aside field-hockey competition of Sweden: both men and women.

Which matches?


The matches on the 16th will be played at Bergshamra Idrottsplats, Hjortstigen 4, 170 70  Solna.

Everybody is welcome!

Everybody is welcome to come and have a look. You can combine the day with a nice walk to Ulriksdals Slott and have a lunch at Ulriksdals slottscafé to then later come back to enjoy some Swedish field-hockey! No reason to stay at home!

See you on Sunday!