The organisation of the MESAICOS

MESAICOS is more than just the players on the field. We have a great team of enthusiast members that help with developing the club to offer you field hockey at maybe the nicest field hockey club in Sweden. The team behind MESAICOS consists since 2016 of 3 board members and 6 committees. Each essential aspect of the club is led by one of the committee members. If you need to contact MESAICOS regarding any question, please make sure to contact the right person. All together we form one enthusiast driven team! Would you like to be part of the team? Then join us and write an email to any committee or board member you would like to be part of!

Our postal address is:
Solna landhockeyförening MESAICOS
C/o Nils Dressler
Götalandsvägen 237
125 45 Älvsjö

We play at Bergshamra Idrottsplats:
Hjortstigen 4
170 71 Solna

Who do I contact for what at MESAICOS?

Chair of the board
also part of: - the activity committee
Treasurer of the board
also part of: - the senior-committee (men's team)
Valerio Romano
Vice-Chair of the board
Nicole Barbeau
General Board Member
Jon Carver
Secretary of the Board