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General contact for junior teams
General contact for junior teams

When and what?

UPDATED preliminary times for VT2019

Day: Every Sunday
Term: March 10 till June 16 (VT19)
Time: 10:00-11:00
Location: Bergshamra Idrottsplats
Hjortstigen 4
170 71 Solna
No previous experience needed!
We have hockey sticks!

Before starting Youth-Hockey we recommend you to read the information leaflet about Youth-Hockey:


Junior? Which teams are there?

Youth Hockey is fieldhockey for players until 18 years old. Currently we have three junior groups! More information about their team members will follow at the start of the outdoor season in April!

MESAICOS Group A (U10 group A mix)
MESAICOS Group B (U14 group B girls)
MESAICOS Group C (U14 group C boys)

MESAICOS started their youthdivision in 2015! We will from give training to three youth groups under guidance of enthusiast and experienced field hockeyers. The training will be held every Sunday morning at Bergshamra Idrottsplats. Two groups will be represented divided by age and skills (see “Youth Teams”). All players are insured by MESAICOS by payment of the membership fee. Hockey sticks are present for the once that have no hockey stick and can be borrowed for free!

Also for me/ my child?

MESAICOS divides its youth division in  different age groups from 7 till 18 years old. Counting date: 1st of January.

Youth U8 (F), under 8 years old: fun, friends & fairness
Youth U10 (E), 8-9 years old : fun, friends & fairness + winning medals and learning the basics of field hockey
Youth U12 (D), 10-11 years old: learning how to play as a team on the field, the start of a real team, team sport
Youth U14 (C), 12-13 years old: competition, learning skills, team sport, honesty
Youth U16 (B), 14-15 years old: competition, learning skills, team sport, leadership
Youth U18 (A), 16-18 years old: competition, advanced skills, team sport, training and coaching

Can I and my friends participate/ can my son/ daughter participate?


How does it work, do I need something?

Really simple! You sign up yourself/ your child and select youth-hockey. When you signed up you will get  an email back from our youth committee as soon as possible. They evaluate if there is a possibility for you/ your child to join an existing team. All our teams are guided by experienced coaches to make sure your child is in save hands! When you sign up and participate the following equipment is mandatory:

– shinguard
– mouth guard
– sport shoes

Give me some more information!

We gladly give some more information, contact details can be found on our contact page!