Mens Sana In Corpore Sano.
A healthy spirit in a healthy body.

MESAICOS was founded in 2014 with a vision to create a field hockey club that would bring people together. We wanted a club that would allow people to develop their hockey skills whilst having a social atmosphere and inclusive club spirit.

A young club, a great history

In 2014 we started a great adventure: MESAICOS, a Field Hockey / Landhockey club in Solna with a focus on students and families. What followed was a nice history with many great achievements, new friends, wonderful moments together and above all a lot of FIELD-hockey. All of this, in a country where ice-hockey and uni-hockey play a much bigger role in society. Now seven years later, let’s look back on that history!

Fun facts about MESAICOS


Different Nationalities have been part of MESAICOS


National Championships


Lost hockey balls


Is the lowest temparture we played outside

Here are some of our players’ nationalities (20+)

Our kit

You can find our kit as well as all the equipment you will need to play in our online shop.

Orders can be done throughout the year for a Discount of 25%. Just enter the discount code MESAICOS at checkout.
Twice a year we also place a bulk order with 30% discount on the items in the club shop, this to enable all players to get access to our fantastic Mesaicos kit.

Our Sponsors and Partners

Our vision at MESAICOS would not have become reality without the active contribution from our sponsors and partners. Because of our exclusive partnership with Reece Australia we have access to Reece hockey material and training equipment at discounted prices.

Sponsoring MESAICOS

What is the benefit?

MESAICOS is a Swedish organisation driven by enthusiast volunteers that make hockey and social events possible for you to expand your network. With that, we as a club can act as a bridge to the Swedish hockey community and the local Stockholm community and bring together people that otherwise wouldn’t maybe have met before.

All of this with a great activity that promotes health and building a social community while playing a great sport: field hockey!

What can I sponsor?

We as the club are always looking for partners to sponsor our club and activities. We are very open minded in the terms of the conditions and are excited to hear about potential collaborations.
Do you have a local business or an international brand ? Are you looking for exposure in a multi cultural hockey community with roots in Stockholm ? Do you just want to support a local sports club in Solna?
Then we are looking forward to get in touch with you.

There are many ways of a potential sponsorship, like printed logos on the club wear or match shirts, banners on the website, on social media or the sponsor section in our clubs’ newsletter. Do you have ideas beyond that? Just let us know!

Get in touch!

Contact details are found on our contact page!

Join us now!

Everybody is welcome to play field hockey at MESAICOS.
Did you already find the right information and would you like to sign up at our club?