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MESAICOS, the Field Hockey club in Stockholm

MESAICOS is a field hockey club in Stockholm that offers challenging, competitive and fun field hockey in the district of Sweden: Östra Landhockey distrikt.

Playing Field Hockey in Stockholm is Fun!

We are Solna Landhockeyförening Mens Sana In Corpore Sano, or simply MESAICOS! We are a field hockey club in Stockholm, Sweden. Our club is run by volunteers that strive to combine fun and inclusive sports with competitive hockey. We put special emphasis on sportsmanship, fun, passion, involvement and inclusivity. For example through the involvement of players and former members. That’s what creates this distinct MESAICOS feeling.

Our teams have taken part in a wide variety of tournaments. As a matter of fact, we even compete internationally. That’s because we strive to create as many opportunities for great experiences and memories as possible. In addition we like hosting monthly social activities with the team off the pitch too. After all, exercising is something you do together.

Our members consist of students, post grads, expats and much more with a long list of nationalities. This fun bunch finds itself in their shared enthusiasm for field hockey. When we combine this shared interest and the MESAICOS spirit as a meeting point, its not uncommon that some life-long friendships arise.

Moreover, in our opinion we cannot be too many to share the fun. If this information made you as enthusiastic as we are, sign up and join our MESAICOS group! You are always welcome to test your skills during one of our trainings, before signing up for a membership. Send us a message on Instagram or Facebook!

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Everybody is welcome to play field hockey at MESAICOS.
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