Annual meeting 2024

Dear MESAICOS member,

We would hereby like to invite you to the 2024 annual meeting of Solna Landhockeyförening MESAICOS. It is important that as many members as possible attend; during the meeting we will elect the new board, set the new membership fees, decide on the activities we organize the coming season and thank the 2023 board!

Please sign up for the meeting via the event on Heja in the Social team. If you for some reason cannot access Heja, you can sign up via email to (Subject: Annual Meeting Signup)

Motions can be sent to the board via . The deadline for passing motions to the board is the 5th March 2024. The purpose of a motion is to bring any topic up to the annual meeting agenda so that we can have a vote on the topic if that is feasible.

Date and time: Saturday 16th March 2024, 11:00 – 12:15

Location: Solnahallen , Ankdammsgatan 46, 171 67 Solna
                        Room: Lilla Konferensen

Online: On request

Agenda of the meeting:

  1. Opening of the meeting by the chairman of MESAICOS
    • Determination of who can vote during the meeting.
  2. Determination chair and secretary of the meeting
  3. Appointing a vote counter and minute checker for the meeting
  4. Question if the annual meeting was announced according to the general statutes of MESAICOS
  5. Confirmation of the agenda of the meeting
  6. Presentation and confirmation of the activity report and the financial report year 2023
  7. The accountant/ “revisor” presents the accountant report for the year 2023
  8. Voting if the board of 2023 can be discharged for the financial year 2023 and duties over 2023 as described in the activity report by the members of MESAICOS
  9. Presentation and approval of the membership fees of MESAICOS in 2024
  10. Presentation of activity plan 2024 + presentation of the budget 2024
  11. Presentation and approval / decline for incoming motions and presentation of the proposed board for 2024
  12. Election of the board for 2024
    • Presentation of candidates
    • Any other suggestions for the board of 2024
    • Voting for:
      • Chairman for 1 year
      • Board member 1 for 2 years (open position)
      • Board member 2 for 2 years (open position)
      • 1 Substitute for the board for 1 year
      • An accountant (“revisor”) for 2024 (may not be any from the board)
      • 2 persons for the election committee for 2024 (2 persons)
      • The representing person who can sign for the Solna Landhockeyförening MESAICOS at official meetings where a representing person is needed to sign (ombud)
  13. Possible other agenda points that have been added to the agenda in point 5.

The meeting will be closed after point 13.

We hope to see you all on the 16th of March!

Kind regards,

Aimee McKenzie

Chair of the board

Solna Landhockeyförening MESAICOS

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