Field Hockey in Sweden

What is field hockey like in Sweden?

Field hockey (“Landhockey” in Swedish) is a popular sport globally, but is not so widely known in Sweden. There are a number of active hockey clubs – shown in the table below – and competitions take place both within and between districts. Landhockey in Sweden is split up into indoor hockey and field (outdoor) hockey, with the outdoor competitions taking place during the summer, and the indoor competitions taking place during the winter. Find out more about these two variations of hockey here.

Since many of our members are coming from different countries, they are grown up with playing field hockey, However, in Sweden it is called Landhockey, while we in MESAICOS just say Hockey.
That usually leaves Swedish people a bit puzzled, since they usually think about ice hockey when you refer to hockey. They would usually see landhockey as a kind of outside bandy.

Hockey is played on a national level in the Swedish Championships, simply called SM.

Field hockey is divided into several leagues through out the year. For example during the winter month indoor hockey is played with a national championship tournament, or SM, in March. In the summer a combination of 11-aside, 7-aside and Hockey5s is played. In the same way, these series have national tournaments at the end of summer. That means that over the cause of a year several different challenging matches are played even on a national level.

Field hockey is governed by SWE3, a common sports association for American Football, Flag football and Landhockey,

The mens team playing international match against the Warriors. A field hockey team from Finland
Swedish championships indoor hockey in Gothenburg 2022. Mesaicos got a super silver medall
SWE3 the national association. MESAICOS works closely with SWE3 in the development of hockey in Sweden

Swedish Hockey Clubs

Although we would of course like you to join our club, we at Mesaicos believe it is important for the hockey scene in Sweden to grow. Below you can find a list of active clubs in Sweden and where they are located. If your hockey club is not in this list, please feel free to contact us so we can add it.

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ClubLocationDistrictMore information
Nacka LandhockeyklubbNackaEastNacka LHK
Åkersberga LandhockeyklubbÅkersbergaEastÅkersberga Landhockeyklubb
Hela Uppsalas LHKUppsalaEastHela Uppsalas Landhockeyklubb
Örsundsbro SKÖrsundsbroEastÖrsundsbro SK
Roslagens IFÅkersbergaEastRoslagens IF
Halmstad LHKHalmstadWestHalmstad Landhockeyklubb
Lerums LandhockeyklubbLerumWestLerums Landhockeyklubb
Lexby Sports ClubLexbyWestLexby Sports Club
Partille Sport ClubPartilleWestPartille Sport Club
Valhalla LandhockeyklubbGothenburgWestValhalla Landhockeyclub
Landhockeyförening ÄlmhultÄlmhultSouthLandhockeyförening Älmhult
Lunds LHK NayanLundSouthLunds LHK Nayan