What is an No Objection Certificate (NOC)?

A No Objection Certificate allows players from one country to play in another country with the permission of their home National Association. This document is released by the home National Association its countries’ citizens. Therefore, if you are an international player a NOC is required in order to play in field hockey tournaments. You can select the link to your own home association and fill in the certificate below. Afterwards you have to forward the certificate to .

What country are you from?

You can find the links to the NOCs of many countries below (last updated Dec 2021).


Please double check that the links above correspond to the NOC of your country, as links regularly become out of date. Often, you will be required to send an email to the association of your home country providing them with specific information or with a filled in document.

Can’t find your country’s NOC?

Try looking on the website of your national hockey federation: the full list of national federations can be found here. If you are a member of our club and you are still unable to obtain a NOC, contact us so we can sort the matter before the competitions begin.