MESAICOS is connected to a great network which can also benefit you!

Sponsoring MESAICOS, what is the benefit?
MESAICOS is a Swedish organisation driven by enthusiast volunteers that make hockey and social events possible for you to expand your network. We have close relations to the Dutch Club Stockholm (De Hollandse Club Stockholm) with a great network of professionals. We as a club offer the gate to the Swedish hockey community and the local Stockholm community and bring together people that otherwise wouldn’t maybe have met before. All of this with a great activity that promotes health and building a social community while playing a great sport: field hockey!

What can I sponsor?
The club is always searching for opportunities to finance its activities that can eventually also benefit you by expenditure of your network through MESAICOS. We are therefore looking for a main-sponsor of the club that can partially finance the MESAICOS club jersey. The logo of the main-sponsor will be represented on all club clothing from all teams (senior and junior).

Besides a main-sponsor, the club is looking for sponsors that can finance hockey-goals for our youth. Youth-hockey is a guaranteed direct benefit for you as sponsor to get in contact with our network. Would you like to become sponsor of the youth by for example sponsoring hockey goals or training-outfits, then come take a look during our youth practices sessions or get in touch by email.

Get in touch!
Contact details are found on our contact page!