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Nils Dressler
Trim Leader
Charlotte Zwart
Trim Leader


UPDATED preliminary times for HT2019

Day: every Wednesday
Term: April 1 till June 23 (VT20)
Time: 19:30-21:00
Location:  Bergshamra Idrottsplats
Hjortstigen 4
170 71 Solna

(For the time being due to the COVID-19 Situation, Trim is merged with the team practice)

What is student/ trim-hockey?

Trim-hockey is a form of hockey where both men and woman play field hockey together, because field hockey is a fun sport and keeps you socially and sportively active at the same time! It is an ideal way to learn field hockey together with your fellow students, friends or family members who maybe never played field hockey before.

Student/ trim-hockey is hockey for everybody over 18 years old who wants to make a lot of friends and play a great sport. We play matches (around 8 against 8 players) every student hockey session and no previous experience is needed! Participation is completely voluntary, and fun is guaranteed. Besides you’re outside on a beautiful location close to the city center. A great social part comes in, when activities are organized like team-evenings or other.

How to get there?

Really easy! From T-Centralen: take the red-line towards Mörby Centrum and get off at “Bergshamra”. Then walk (aprx. 5 minutes) to the pitch where we will meet you.

Also for me?

For all students and people above 18 years old!

How does it work, do I need something?

Sport clothes and sport shoes, sign yourself up at our website under ”become member”, find more family members, friends or relatives and off you go! WE HAVE HOCKEYSTICKS (but your own hockeystick is always the best)!

Give me some more information!

We gladly give some more information, write us an email contact details are found on our contact page !